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Lucas Oil Special

Lucas Magnum CJ-4 Oils are blended with premium "Lucas" additives that help maintain the life of the emission control systems as required for regulatory compliance. Expect less oil consumption and reduced engine wear. It resists oxidation and thermal breakdown for total protection in new and older engines. Suitable for gasoline as well as diesel.

Motor oil is usually changed because it's contaminated with combustion by-products, not because it's worn out. The high detergent action of Lucas 15W-40 allows up to twice as much contamination to be held in suspension and still have good lubrication qualities.'
*CJ-4 is available n Petroleum and Synthetic


  • Extended drain intervals
  • Lower operating temperatures
  • Higher degree of lubricity
  • Higher oil pressure



Product Spec Sheet

Technical Data Sheet

Safety Data Sheet

Safety Data Sheet

Special Price

  • 20297 Lucas Magnum CJ4 engine oil 15/40 special $19.99 1 gallon
  • 10299 Lucas Magnum CJ4 Synthetic engine oil 15/40 $23.95 1 gallon

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